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Celebrating the 890 km of the trip with a beer Day 10 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Skoganvarre – Karasjok – Karigasniemi

So it seems that rainy days were left for the end. Actually today it was the first time that I had to delay the departure due to rain. Bursty rain same as yesterday. Which is not a problem when you’re on a holiday: it’s actually nice to lay down in the tent listening to the […]

You need skills to build a tent surrounded by mosquitoes! Day 09 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Billefjord – Lakselv – Skoganvarre

Gloomy day today. Soon after started cycling dark clouds covered the horizon in all directions (that’s one of the reasons of reduced amount of pictures) and it rained at bursts. So it was like putting all the time waterproof clothes on and off. You can’t really keep them on all the time, it gets hot […]

There's always time to pick berries, especially when you realise you've been there before Day 08 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Kåfjord – Billefjord

There are interesting reasons for cycling a route back and forth: for example you remember the place where you’ve been picking blueberries, and stop for picking more. Or maybe to take a picture you forgot to take. In this particular case, cycling south from North Cape made me realise how fast nature changes in just […]

Formal picture at North Cape Day 07 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Knivskjelodden – Nordkapp – Honningsvåg – Kåfjord

And finally North Cape. As usual, you can’t beat the view. Although Knivskjelodden is 1,5 farther north, The cliff of Nordkapp is definitely the best balcony ever, looking at north where there’s no land to be seen. Actually there is still a lot of land, especially the Svalbard archipelago, but it’s at north west and […]

Day 06 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Seljenes – Honningsvåg – Knivskjelodden

As I’m writing this the time here is 3 a.m., but I don’t care. Today I’ve reached for the first time in my life the northernmost point of Europe, so I don’t care when I’m going to sleep, I’ll wake up later tomorrow. Tonight, tomorrow, the sun has been shining continuously, who keeps track of […]