Pegaso’s check-up: 94 000 km

While approaching the one hundred thousand kilometres (!!!) with my good ol’ Pegaso, I’ve decided to keep trace of the checks and repairs that are done on the bike. Really, until now I haven’t kept records of the maintenance, and still the bike works great after all these years (11 and a half right now).

So here we go with the 94 000 km maintenance:

  • Spark plug replaced
  • Rear shock-absorber replaced
  • Oil changed
  • Oil filter replaced
  • Cooling liquid changed
  • Brake fluid changed
  • Battery replaced

To be done in a short time:

  • Change brake pads (changed on 16.7.2008)
  • Change air filter

To be done at a certain stage:

  • Change air box

Important replacements done some time ago:

  • ~85 000 km: Fork seals replaced
  • ~90 000 km: Exhaust-pipes replaced
  • ~90 000 km: Tyres replaced