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Pegaso 100 000 km!!!!!!!

And there you go! As of 7th June 2009, I have finally driven 100 000 km with my Aprilia Pegaso Cube 1997!!! It is really a great satisfaction, if you think that the engine has never been opened! So here we go with the 100 000 km maintenance: Cooling liquid replaced Air filter replaced And […]

Motorcycle summer tour 2008

After many years without having a proper biking trip, this summer I tried to get back the feeling of long journeys. And I have to say I managed to do it pretty well. With a total amount of 2224 km spanned in ten days, the trip day by day was as follows: 18.7. Oulu – […]

Pegaso’s check-up: 94 000 km

While approaching the one hundred thousand kilometres (!!!) with my good ol’ Pegaso, I’ve decided to keep trace of the checks and repairs that are done on the bike. Really, until now I haven’t kept records of the maintenance, and still the bike works great after all these years (11 and a half right now). […]

Happy 90 000, Pegaso!

Yes, this time I’m quite late, but I like to keep trace of Pegaso’s “kilometres birthdays”. I just noticed that I haven’t driven lately as much as in the past, if you consider that the 80000 birthday was back in August, 2004. That is, around 10 000 in two years is not a big deal, […]

Pisa, Finland

Think about planning a trip in the cold Finnish autumn. Where could you go? Mmm, let’s go to Pisa! Think about the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli, the leaning tower. Ah, it’s everybody’s dream, isn’t it? Ok, let’s have a look at the map then:


This morning I’m supposed to leave for a journey by motorcycle to Lapland. But from my page about the weather in Oulu I read: Report for Oulu, Finland. Last update: 29 minutes ago, at 05:50 EET. Wind: 2.1 meters per second from southeast (140°). Temperature: 0 °C The temperature felt like -3 °C. Pressure: 1026 […]

Happy birthday, Pegaso!

My good old honest motorcycle has today reached the target of 80 000 km. That’s quite a lot, although I have to say that at least 30 000 km out of them have been spent on the A11 motorway going from Pistoia to the Uni in Florence. However, I just realised that I have never […]