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Weather forecast on shortwave

Here is my first reception of an RTTY signal transmitting weather forecast. TX station: Marine Weather Service – Hamburg, Germany Frequency: 10100.8 kHz Way of transmission: RTTY, speed 50 baud, shift 450 Hz RX location: Oulu, Finland Receiver: Degen DE1103 Antenna: Shortwave active loop antenna placed indoor close to a window towards SW SINPO: 43443 […]

Working with radios on Sampo icebreaker

I’m quite sure if I get this cable connected… … I can make the radio work!!! And if you can’t get it, the voice says: “Hello, this is EA3JE [it actually says: ‘echo apple three juliet echo’], ehm, good evening and thank you for getting back to my call, you are five and eight, […]


By ordering a radio for shortwave listening, I’ve officially (re)started my activity as a DXer. The radio I chose is a small-size portable Degen DE1103. It’s a Chinese brand and it has got a lot of good reviews by SWL listeners (and an own discussion group as well), so I’m starting with something small and […]