Last Party 2000

Let’s keep up this documentary trend!

  • Last Party 2000 (US, 2001): a documentary featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman hitting the road and watching what’s going on in the months before the American elections of year 2000 (Al Gore vs. Bush). Many interesting things: seeing the film after seven years gave me the picture that is has been a loooong time ago and the world has really changed. People claiming that Al Gore is not a friend of the environment. Then you see a Michael Moore strongly supporting Ralph Nader, the independent candidate. Still about Moore: he has good points in his films, but in his later productions it seems to me he has become more and more biased as money flows more and more in his pockets. It’s nice to see Hoffman leading this documentary unpretentiously, that is, just trying to understand why things are going so crazy on the other side of the Ocean.

2 thoughts on “Last Party 2000

  1. edo

    Do you see some parallelism between Beppe Grillo and Michael Moore?

    Is it that people needs to be governed, and looks to some leader it trusts?

  2. Raffa Post author

    Actually I noticed it in that document. Moore has a really low profile there. He is interviewed by Hoffman at a certain point, and then we can see him shouting during a demonstration in support of Nader. Well, that way of shouting reminded me of Grillo.

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