Happy birthday, Pegaso!

I ragazzi di Santa Marta My good old honest motorcycle has today reached the target of 80 000 km. That’s quite a lot, although I have to say that at least 30 000 km out of them have been spent on the A11 motorway going from Pistoia to the Uni in Florence. However, I just realised that I have never spent a word (neither a picture) on the net about it, which is really unfair. My Aprilia Pegaso 650 has been with me since year 1997. We’ve been through so many journeys around Europe, one small – my fault – accident and a lot of fun. I’m a sort of “lonely rider”, that is, I like to travel alone and meet people along the journey, so I guess not so many people are aware of the places I have been by bike. So I’ll try to recall some of the most memorable journeys.

The NSA (Not So Accurate) list of trips riding through Europe on my Pegaso

  • August 1997. Trento, Riva del Garda, Rovereto (Italy), Innsbruck, Kufstein, Salzburg (Austria).
  • August 1998. Riva del Garda (It), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (where I met Daniele and Annalisa who were hanging around Germany by car), München, Nürnberg (Germany).
  • August 1999. Riva del Garda (It), Schwarzwald (Freiburg, Ger), Stuttgart – to watch the total eclypse of the hea… ehm, sun (but it was cloudy so I saw nothing but complete darkness at midday).
  • February 2001. Sicily (Sicily). My longest two-day journey (1300 km) with a lot of rain and even snow on the Calabrian Apennine (yeah, I forgot the A3 motorway reaches almost a thousand meter of altitude).
  • September 2001. Kiruna (Sweden), Lofoten Islands (Norway). My longest one-day-journey was then coming back from Norway: 950 km in 20 hours. Never again.
  • June 2002. Sonka (Rovaniemi, Finland, climbing trip).
  • July 2002. Julma Ölkky (Hossa, Finland, climbing trip), where I’ve learnt to keep always an eye at the fuel level when travelling in the Finnish countryside.
  • August 2002. Död Lars Berget (Älvsbyn, Sweden, climbing trip), when Aila fell asleep (but didn’t fall down) behind me on the bike while we were coming back.
  • June 2004. Sodankylä (Lapland, Finland) for the Midsummer Film Festival.