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Frequencies of the FM radio stations in Oulu area

The FM radio stations audible from Oulu, Finland, are listed in the table below. Updated on 16.5.2010. Station Frequency (MHz) Radio Pooki 88,00 Radio SuomiPOP 88,60 (k) YLE Radio 1 89,10 (k) Iskelmä 89,40 Radio Pooki 89,90 (k) YLE Radio 1  90,40 YLE Radio Vega 90,90 (k) YLE Puhe 92,40 (k) YLE Radio Suomi / […]


Weather in Oulu, Finland Situation and forecast [forecast] Temperature in the last 24 hours (from Ilmatieteen laitos) Ice situation


Once upon a time I used to climb. That was fun. Then I stopped, for many reasons. None of them is a good one. However I managed to get shot (and I survived) in a short video by the young director from Rovaniemi called Panu P. I do believe it’s worth watching it (and laughing). […]