About the authors

Raffaello Tesi

Raffaello Tesi is an Italian guy who lives in Finland. He likes to read annoying books of history, watch films that make him cry, cook unhealthy food, listen to loud music, shout instead of singing, travel to the most unusual places, get frozen on his motorcycle with no particular reason and meet as many people as possible, just to have the chance to talk with someone else than the voices in his head.
On the internet he runs a personal weblog called Raffan Sähköpäiväkirja.

Maurizio Manetti too is an Italian bloke who lives in Florence (although he claims to be from Fiesole). He is a computer nerd and spend much of his time in front of a PC, often with Debian GNU/Linux installed on it. Recently he discovered a passion for philosophy. He also likes smoking pipe, drinking Porto, going by bicycle and listening to Brazilian music. He runs a weblog which is the first result in Google searching “mau fava” (it sounds like “mau jackass”).