Types of radio emissions

Raffaello Tesi

Here follows a table with the conversion between old and new names of signal modulation:

Pure carrier A0,F0 N0N
Morse telegraphy (by ear) A1 A1A
Modulated CW Morse A2 A2A
AM voice A3 A3E
SSB, suppressed carrier A3J J3E
SSB, reduced carrier A3R R3E
SSB, full carrier A3H H3E
Television A5 C3F
RTTY (F.S.K.) F1 F1B
RTTY (A.F.S.K.) F2 F2B
FM voice (Narrowband) F3 F3E, 20
Packet Data/Teleprinters with Audio Sub-Carrier 20F2 20K0F2B
Data with Audio Sub-carrier 3F2 3K00F2D
6F2 6K00F2D
20F2 20K0F2D
Analog Voice 20F3 20K0F3E
Digital Voice 20F3Y 20K0F1E
Digital Facsimile without Audio Sub-Carrier 20F4 20K0F1C
Digital Facsimile with Audio Sub-Carrier 20F4 20K0F2C
Analog Facsimile 20F4 20K0F3C
Composite of Digital & Analog Information 3F9 3K00F9W
6F9 6K00F9W
20F9 20K0F9W
Packet Data/Teleprinters without Audio Sub-Carrier 20F9Y 20K0F1B
Digital Data 20F9Y 20K0F1D

Source: FCC EMISSION DESIGNATORS (available at http://www.ominous-valve.com/emission.txt).

More information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_radio_emissions.

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