Raffaello Tesi

SSTV pictureSSTV, that is, “Slow-scan television”, is a way to transmit pictures upon the radio. It is especially used by radio amateurs on the HF bands.

SSTV software

The programme I use for decoding SSTV transmissions is MMSSTV. I just use a laptop with the audio output of the radio connected to the mic-in.

STTV bands

At the moment I tried only to receive SSTV pictures around 14.230 MHz. However, the following frequencies are the one suggested on Wikipedia for SSTV transmissions:

Band Frequency Sideband
80 meters 3845 kHz (3730 in Europe) LSB
40 meters 7170 kHz (7043 in Europe) LSB
20 meters 14230 kHz USB
15 meters 21340 kHz USB
10 meters 28680 kHz USB

STTV resources on the net:

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