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London underground

Never been in London, but after this song, I might like to have an underground experience. Buy their albums if you like. The money is raised for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Snus, snus, snus!

[lang_en]For a more objective analysis on snus, see Wikipedia.[/lang_en][lang_it]Per informazioni più accurate, vedi la voce snus su Wikipedia.[/lang_it][lang_fi]Lisätietoa nuuskasta löytyy Wikipediasta.[/lang_fi]


Once upon a time I used to climb. That was fun. Then I stopped, for many reasons. None of them is a good one. However I managed to get shot (and I survived) in a short video by the young director from Rovaniemi called Panu P. I do believe it’s worth watching it (and laughing). […]