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Something that should be censored but isn’t

Frustino in Finland

Yes, I’m quite known for putting pictures with a short delay. Here is some snapshots of Andrea’s holiday in Finland on the July of the last year. And there’s also a fantastic video here below:

New photogallery

I finally managed to create (for the envy of Mau, mainly) a new photogallery fully integrated in the blog, and also new pictures have been added. Information for nerds: I have integrated Gallery2 in WordPress using the WPG2 plugin, struggling a bit to make it work as I wanted (Gallery is really good and customizable, […]

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I finally managed to create a decent photo album. There are already pictures, but they’ll be more when I manage to scan the thousands of slides I have. And if you are wondering why in the h… I still take slides pictures in year 2004, I’ll tell you: have a look at this weblog, do […]

Le foto dei ragazzi di Santa Marta

E vabbeh, a grande richiesta – di Frustino, mettiamo on-line una raccolta di foto che vedono i ragazzi di Santa Marta farla da padroni per le strade di Firenze. Ovviamente, se qualcuno si sentisse – anche lievemente – risentito dalla presenza della sua faccia in pose non molto consone, che ci contatti e provvederemo a […]