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Indro Montanelli

Come mi sono ripromesso da molto tempo, sto preparando una sezione del sito sul giornalista e scrittore italiano Indro Montanelli (Fucecchio 22.4.1909 – Milano 22.7.2001). Anzi, sui suoi pensieri. Anzi, sui suoi pensieri che ho fatto miei. Per ora mi limito ad una citazione. … Come non mi stancherò mai di ripetere, per avere coraggio, […]

What is a drunkard?

An attempt to explain the meaning of this mysterious word (that is, drunkard) has been done by two famous philosophers of our past.   Here follows the English translation of this terrific essay (pamphlet? dissertation?) by Stefano Benni, one of the funniest Italian writers of the last decades. An attempt to explain the meaning of […]

The little camels of memory

The little camels of memory carry our thoughts on their back. We don't know where they go, but you might like to know when they leave. This is the translation of a short story by Filippo Martinez about what is going to happen when we are going to die. And don't tell me you aren't […]

Sixteen years – Daria Menicanti

Daria Menicanti (Piacenza 1914 – Rome 1995) is an Italian poetess. Unfortunately she is almost unknown, but her poems are definitely worth reading. Here follows my English translation of a couple of them. Sixteen years She hopes who knows what. Goes away with her bottom hung in a black swimsuit. She smiles, swings it. Thinks […]


Myricae are aromatic plants, but they are also the title of a collection of poems written by Giovanni Pascoli, an Italian guy who lived a hundred years ago. In a touching preface, the poet recalls the troubles of his life (his father was murdered and many of his close relatives died prematurely) and his love […]

Yhteiset asiat – Le cose in comune

Eilen minä ja Riikka käänsimme yhden italialaisen mahtavan biisin nimeltään "Yhteiset asiat" (le cose in comune). Laulaja on Daniele Silvestri. Tässä löytyy alkuperäinen teksti ja käännös. Update (5.10.2004): Nyt myös englanniksi!