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Whatever comes in my life and it’s worth celebrating it

Last Party 2000

Let’s keep up this documentary trend! Last Party 2000 (US, 2001): a documentary featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman hitting the road and watching what’s going on in the months before the American elections of year 2000 (Al Gore vs. Bush). Many interesting things: seeing the film after seven years gave me the picture that is has […]

Bloody Cartoons

Now it’s time for a documentary that was shown tonight on YLE2: Bloody Cartoons: what happened after the cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad were published on a Danish newspaper? This documentary is based on the journey of a Danish journalist in several countries in Europe and the Middle East, interviewing the key people involved […]

The Lives of Others

I really, really can’t complain of the quality of films I have seen recently! The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen, Germany, 2006): an Oscar-winning film telling the story of a cold Stasi agent, back in the eighties in East Berlin, spying the life of a theatre dramatist, suspected of conspiring against the DDR. […]

Helsinki International Film Festival 2007

And here we are with the films I’ve seen at Rakkautta ja Anarkiaa, the Helsinki International Film Festival 2007: The Boss of it All: a comedy by the CCDFD (completely crazy Danish film director) Lars von Trier. The situation takes place in an IT company, where an actor is asked to act as the director […]


Yes, I know, this is a weird entry. But, living in the middle of the nature (as anywhere you might live here in Finland), sometimets I happen to forget which tree is which, so I’ve decided to write down a table of the most common trees. Clicking on the Finnish name you can also see […]

The Fog of War

And here is my film of the week: The Fog of War (2003): a documentary about the United States at war (and of the other countries involved) through the account of Robert McNamara, who has been in the US Army Air Forces during WWII and later served as the United States Secretary of Defense during […]


Here’s another good film I just found by chance in a video rental shop (marked as "documentary"!). Why is it so hard to see these films on TV? Osama: during the Taliban domination in Afghanistan, a 12-year-old girl, daugher of a widowed mother, has to cut her hair and dress as a boy to find […]

Good friends

From left to right: Vitto, Mau, Roby, Raffa, Dani, Frustino (above Dani), Pierpi (magically added, since he was in Mexico at that time). Photo by Mau, unartistically modified by me.