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Whatever comes in my life and it’s worth celebrating it

Oulun seudun FM-radioasemien taajuudet

Alla olevan taulukossa Oulun keskustassa kuunneltavat FM-radioasemat. Päivitetty 16.5.2010. Asema Taajuus (MHz) Radio Pooki 88,00 Radio SuomiPOP 88,60 (k) YLE Radio 1 89,10 (k) Iskelmä 89,40 Radio Pooki 89,90 (k) YLE Radio 1 90,40 YLE Radio Vega 90,90 (k) YLE Puhe 92,40 (k) YLE Radio Suomi / Oulu Radio 92,80 (k) YLEX 93,20 Groove FM […]

Motorcycle summer tour 2008

After many years without having a proper biking trip, this summer I tried to get back the feeling of long journeys. And I have to say I managed to do it pretty well. With a total amount of 2224 km spanned in ten days, the trip day by day was as follows: 18.7. Oulu – […]

Working with radios on Sampo icebreaker

I’m quite sure if I get this cable connected… … I can make the radio work!!! And if you can’t get it, the voice says: “Hello, this is EA3JE [it actually says: ‘echo apple three juliet echo’], ehm, good evening and thank you for getting back to my call, you are five and eight, […]

Student management

My dad found some pictures dating back 1994, the last year of my high school, when we organised a “worker management” situation, that is we occupied the school, not letting the teachers in, and taking lectures by ourselves. Some pictures have apparently been taken, and developed by some of us. That’s why they look like […]

Someday you can find me…

… in a champagne supernova. I know, the quality of the video is not the best you might get, but hey, that’s what you get from a normal digital camera. And yes, the shadow shouting down there is me 🙂 Thanks to Tytti for the footage!

Black star

What are we coming to? What are we gonna do? Blame it on the black star Blame it on the falling sky Blame it on the satellite that beams me home.

Iran calling (grand finale)

There we go with the grand finale of my interview upon Iran, taken from the web-radio programme Siee, Giuee, Accaso (in Italian). This time we’ll talk about transportation, neighbour countries and much, much more!

Iran calling (part two)

Here below the second part of my interview upon Iran, taken from the web-radio programme Siee, Giuee, Accaso. Still in Eyetie language, apologies to the non-Italian speakers… or a good way to learn it?