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Happenings and facts related to Europe

The Dutch-German trip 2009

We shall revitalise this blog, shan't we? After a long time, the last December I managed to organise a real down-on-the-road trip (by train) getting to the Netherlands and northern Germany, in places I have never visited before, except one: Berlin, where I've been once 15 years ago. It was that kind of journey I […]

Legislation on Internet web sites

I don’t like to talk about politics. I’ll try to stick with the facts, then. There has been a lot of moaning about the bill on publications announced by the Italian Government (no English there, sorry) on requiring any blog and Internet journal (in law language, “any website with a purpose of information, education, dissemination […]

Have a sip?

As I was talking about different ways of getting a hangover, I decided to have a look at the real consumption of alcohol in some European countries. Here are the results. Alcohol consumption per capita Units: Liters of pure alcohol per adult (15 years and older) Country ISO 1963 1973 1983 1993 2003 Czech Rep […]

Is it worth it?

I was lately wondering how worth it is for the UK to keep their own currency instead of switching to the euro. That is, apart from patriotic reasons, is it really worth it? I’ll leave this as an open question, since I’m not expert in economy. But I’m a good nerd: so I got the […]

Unemployment in Europe

Since I haven’t written anything since March, and the last post was a sort of long live to Europe, I decided to start to talk about European affairs in a more interesting way. This time I’ll talk about unemployment. Here are the figures at March 2007 (if not otherwise stated), from the lower to the […]