Day 05 – Tour de Danube 2016: Tulln – Vienna

Not the best morning in the medieval town of Krems. Even before waking up completely I could hear the drops of rain splashing on the windows. And there was it, when you’ve cycled long journeys you learn to watch the sky like a farmer. Those few shades of grey clouds without any huge variations and […]

A bicycle-crowded boat Day 04 – Tour de Danube 2016: Grein – Krems

This new day started immediately with a river crossing: as you can see from the picture, I wasn’t really the only cyclist leaving Grein. Once on the other side, however, the road became soon quiet: we were going at different speeds so we didn’t really turned out to be a storm cyclists. It seemed the […]

Danube's northern bank opposite Linz Day 03 – Tour de Danube 2016: Linz – Grein

At this stage things started to get serious in terms of kilometres… and elevation. Leaving Linz on the northern side of the Danube, the path follows an elevated bank surrounded by playgrounds and grass fields, which I can imagine full of people during the summer. This is a very quite area and I guess local […]

Cycling in the rain Day 02 – Tour de Danube 2016: Engelhartszell – Linz

I started cycling from Engelhartszell in the early morning and soon I had to change side of the Danube, which is no big problem if you can take a Fähre, a small wooden ferryboat that brings people from one side to the other, in case no bridge is available. In this particular case, I was […]

River cruise ship "Normandie" Day 01 – Tour de Danube 2016: Passau – Engelhartszell

Long time no see! I guess I’ve already used this sentence something like three years ago: it seems I’m updating my blog only when I do cycling tours, but well, this is also liberty of speech after all. Today I’ve started a short tour that will bring me from Passau, in Germany at the border […]

Day 15 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Äkäslompolo – Kolari

Today I didn’t have any hurry in waking up, since my destination wasn’t that far away. Of course at 6:30 I was already awake and ready to start. It’s always like this: when you don’t have to wake up, you end up being awake much earlier than you should.

Day 14 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Pallasjärvi – Äkäslompolo

I have to consider myself lucky: this has been the only full cloudy/rainy day of the trip (Norway doesn’t count: it rains once a day anyway). Last night (and today morning as well) has been very windy, and it left just a last hint of sun, just in time for a reindeer to say good morning just near my tent.

Day 13 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Levi – Pallasjärvi

Sleeping at over 300 hundred metres was definitely a quiet choice, but maybe not the best in terms of temperature. During the night I had to add some clothes as the temperature went pretty down. However, the morning was sunny, as the rest of the day, so there’s always a positive side.

Day 11 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Inari – Pokka

Today it has been the first time during this trip that I had a crisis. I expected it much earlier, in the first days when muscles awake and start to shout: “We’re not ready, wait!”. Well, that’s somehow what happened today.