There's always time to pick berries, especially when you realise you've been there before Day 08 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Kåfjord – Billefjord

There are interesting reasons for cycling a route back and forth: for example you remember the place where you’ve been picking blueberries, and stop for picking more. Or maybe to take a picture you forgot to take. In this particular case, cycling south from North Cape made me realise how fast nature changes in just […]

Day 05 – Tour de Finnmark 2016: Børselv – Seljenes

Today’s route brought me on the other side of the Porsanger fjord so, talking again and again about wind, I couldn’t be lucky twice: the first 40 km where towards the south and once again with tail wind. The rest was up north on the west side of the fjord. Let’s say after that I […]