Raffaello Tesi

What’s all this fuss about?

LittleCamels.com (previously known as Raffan sähköpäiväkirja) is a sort of diary with a mess of languages, ajatuksia, snow balls and Tarchiaponi.

Who’s behind it?

This website is created, maintained and messed up by Raffaello Tesi. Its content is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence, if not otherwise stated.

Ok, but who are you?

I’m a telecommunication engineer, web developer, translator (I’m an active contributor also for the Italian Wikipedia), interpreter, Italian teacher, winter safari and icebreaker guide, tour leader and a wannabe for what concerns the rest. On the Internet I’m also known under the nickname Rutja76. If you’re a radioamateur or an SWL, sometimes you can find me on the HF with the call OH8FKS.

And where do you come from?

I’m originally from Tuscany, although in 2001 I packed all my stuff, took a train (well, several), and moved to northern Finland.

How can I reach you?

It’s a long way to get up here, maybe a faster way is to use this contact form.

What else do I have to know about you?

That I do believe in the little camels.

Raffa blue

Sings one day, and then a second,
Sings a third from dawn till evening,
Sings from evening till the morning;
Listen all the stars of heaven,
And the Moon stands still and listens
Fall the waves upon the deep-sea,
In the bay the tides cease rising,
Stop the rivers in their courses,
Stops the waterfall of Rutja,
Even Jordan ceases flowing,
And the Wuoksen stops and listens.

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