Day 10 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Tirro – Inari

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Supershort leg today, just to get back to Inari, where I left to the north just a week ago. The last part of Inarintie was quite flat, so it didn’t require too much effort.

Anyhow, just yesterday I mentioned how difficult it was to take pictures of reindeer whey you are on a bike, here’s one:

A reindeer eating grass.

A reindeer watching me as I’m watching her (or him).

Maybe they also read my blog and decided to put one beside the road to make me happy. Well, thanks!

Foxes, beware of the cars!

The end of Angelintie, just before Inari.

As it seems I won’t have resting days during this trip, so I’ll just take lighter cycling days every now and then. Moreover, today I wanted to go back to visit Siida, the Sámi museum in Inari. I was there three years ago, but it’s always nice to have a refreshment of knowledge, especially when they have a lot of Sami literature in discount 🙂

Entrance of Siida.

Siida has also an open museum. Here some examples of traditional Sami tents.

A small spot of Lake Inari near the Siida museum.

The small church of Inari. It seems also reindeer follow the word of Christ. And don’t run away, as they do with me.

A seaplane just landed at the camping shore.

Tonight I’ve been checking my road map: I have a pretty clear idea on which direction I’ll take tomorrow morning. Of course no idea yet on where the journey will end, although days are getting shorter…

Lonely rider.

Day 10 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Tirro – Inari

Trip distance: 24 km
Actual trip time: 1 h 30 min

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