Day 6 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Varangerfjorden – Nuorgam

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Today I’ll start with a picture:

This was the weather in the morning. I woke up first time at 7 and noticed it just started again to rain. Rain itself is something you take into account when you do this kind of journeys. But one thing you don’t want is waking up, in your tent, and outside it rains. Because that means you have to pack a wet tent. And you know it won’t dry.

Packed everything, with the outdoor shell of the tent on top of my bag, hopelessly hoping it will dry on the way. Too much to ask: rain, rain, rain. At the beginning a bit, then more, then a bit. For the whole morning. That meant no Bugøynes, better to reroute myself back to Finland as it was the original plan.

The road along the Varangerfjorden towards Tana Bru is very beautiful, it’s a pity just for the rain.

Gandvik from above.

Fish farming.

However, great things can happen even in rainy days: while eating below the roof of an ad panel at a parking area (I could fit myself standing and half of my bike below it), another cyclist stopped by coming from the opposite direction: and he was doing quite a big tour from the Netherlands to North Cape and still going (today was his 53rd cycling day). He’s name is Matthew and he also keeps a blog of his very very long tour:

It was very nice to meet him, even because he gave me a lot of good hints about cycling routes in Northern Norway, which I might do in the future years (well, I must do it).

Continuing towards Tana Bru the weather started to get better, at least it stopped raining. As Matthew told me, I found a pizzeria at the crossroads to Vadsø, and also a shop! The first place offering food after over 100 km. Except for the berries offered for free by mother nature, of course.

A wonderful Quattro stagioni.

And another crossroad, but this time the decision was already made:

The Varangerfjorden, on the way towards Vadsø.

I won’t continue in Norway, that will be another trip. For now I will stick on the road to Tana Bru and then down south.

An outdated information panel (there is written CCCP – Neuvostoliitto).

And there it is! The Tana Elv, or Tenojoki, which I will be following for a few hundred kilometres from here:

The river marks the border between Finland and Norway, and I will be cycling south along it.

Along the Tana Elv.

There are two roads here which bring to Finland: one that goes directly to Utsjoki, and a second one that goes first to Nuorgam. I decided for the latter, as it’s a secondary road, so less traffic. Actually not at all.

Tana Museum just before the border. Unfortunately closed.

This time I managed to take a picture of the border crossing WITH the separate crossing for snowmobiles:

And as a matter of fact, reaching Nuorgam was also worth it, as it is the northernmost place in Finland, and in the whole EU:

Funny thing is that I got here from the north!

Day 6 – Tour de Laponie 2013: Varangerfjorden – Nuorgam

Trip distance: 83 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 30 m

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