Tour de Toscane 2011: Florence – Monteriggioni

Different country, same bicycle. This year I moved a bit further to the south and decided to cycle in Tuscany.

Yesterday I cycled 70 km from Florence towards the Chianti area, and I realised that around here the problem is not the distance, but the altitude. From Florence to Monteriggioni there are three hills and the third one (the one of Castellina in Chianti), is more than 500 m. Having a bike with more than 20 kg of stuff on it, I had to walk for some time. And with around 35 degrees, it wasn't the best cycling of all time. But when you're done, you definitely feel happy!

As I said, this year I won't have the time to update my blog everyday, too hot around here and too complicated to find electricity everywhere, so I guess I'll be adding some new pictures every now and then!

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And here is the elevation profile:

Florence - Greve in Chianti - Panzano in Chianti - Castellina in Chianti - Monteriggioni (elevation profile)