Day 51 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Porvoo – Ruotsinpyhtää

As I did for the mosquitoes, I won't comment anymore on the hardness of a punched air mattress. Can't do anything about it in the middle of the forest. Can't even put it in the water to find the hole, as that's one of the few things I try hard to keep dry. Funnily enough, the last night was dry, but as soon as I got out of the tent this morning to get to the toilet – that is, I walked to the tree about five metres from the tent – the first drops of rain arrived. And again I got stuck waiting for it to stop.

It stopped after an hour or so, but it was too late to wait for the tent to dry up, so I packed everything as wet as possible and got on my way towards east. This time I was lucky: once I stopped for a coffee at the first gas station, it started raining very hard. The coffee became two and another forced stop of an hour as a result. I had anyway some e-mails to answer to, so the time wasn't really wasted. And once again, just a few minutes after I restarted cycling, here comes the rain again. This time I didn't stop, even because I had no place where to stop. And after all, I got all the water-proof equipment needed, why do I bother?

It was then that I got to Pernå, the place they mentioned yesterday in the news for some bears that were hanging around the houses looking for food. One was killed during the night, but the police stopped searching for the second one as they thought it might have well run into the deep forest, after what happened to its mate I guess it was a good idea. I didn't see bears either, actually not even people around, everybody scared? Guess it's the rain. And since autumn has arrived also here, everything was closed. Also the nice church you seen in the picture at the top of this post.

After a few km I reached Loviisa, the largest town in the area. It also has a nice red-brick church, that one also closed for renovation or something. Fortunately the town museum was opened (finally, at least!), where I had the chance to see a nice exhibition of photographs of Loviisa, placed in the strange attic of the old building which hosts the museum itself.

The weather got better in Loviisa, sun was shining and I was smiling, but grey clouds were always at the horizon, so I thought to stay inside for the night. To get to Ruotsinpyhtää it was only a dozen of km and it was just 4 p.m., so I called the gasthaus in the village to make sure there was a free room. Good that I called: all the rooms were sold out. I wonder who travels at this time and with this weather.

I called then the gasthouse in Loviisa: closed. The owner told me anyway that the camping is still open and it has also cottages and rooms. Good: I called there and the cheapest room was 62 euro. Bloody hell! And what about camping? "No, we don't accept tents anymore at this time of the year". Unbelievable. Better to start cycling towards Ruotsinpyhtää.

Conclusion: here I am below a tree in a half-wet tent. Fortunately the scenery is beautiful as I am just at the lakeside. Outside it's silent: maybe also the rain wants to respect the scenery. Or maybe it just waits for me to fall asleep and make a nice and resonant surprise.

Day 51 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Porvoo – Pernå – Loviisa –    Ruotsinpyhtää

Trip distance: 69 km
Actual trip time: 3 h 47 m
Distance from day 1: 4155 km

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