Day 47 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Sauvo – Nagu

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I had a wonderful sleep last night: a very quite forest next to a not so trafficked road. But maybe I would have slept anyway as yesterday I've been awake for 18 hours. This basically means that I woke up quite late and had everything packed only around 10:30. The first stop was just a few km away: Sauvo is a small town with a huge church in stone. As a matter of fact the roof of the church was huge, almost twice the height of the walls: when I saw it from a distance I must admit I thought it was a castle. It's a pity today was Sunday and there was a mass going on: I just had a quick look as I didn't want to disturb the prayers with my immoral atheist soul.

Cycling felt even better than yesterday: the road has been mostly hilly, but a good weather and a lot of water helped me to go forward. I'm happy the bike is still working great despite dragging it into the woods without too much care. The only problem I noticed was some rust, especially on the pedals, that turned up in the days it has been hanging on the deck of the boat: bikes don't seem to like sea water that much. However, after oiling them they seem to work ok.

I stopped in Paimio for lunch, and I noticed that there was a museum of electricity: after all the radios I have seen during this journey, it was time to see how they get power. Despite the museum was presented as the biggest one in Finland concerning electricity, it wasn't that really: on its two floors the history of electricity in Finland was presented, and some samples of lamps, cables and equipments were on display. The best one was a beautiful film projector from the fifties. Maybe it'd still work.

In the afternoon I took the way towards the Turku Archipelago. After a short stop in Pargas I reached the first ferryboat that brought me to Nagu. I had been here once before, a couple of years ago: back then I continued the journey towards the southern island, while now I'll head towards north. The camping place is exactly at the harbour on the opposite side of the island, where I'll be taking the next of many other ferries tomorrow.

On a side note: the air bed I’m sitting on seems to have a hole. Already this morning when I woke up it was flat, and tonight same thing just half an hour after I pumped it. Guess I’ll survive anyway 🙂

Day 47 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Sauvo – Paimio – Kaarina – Pargas – Nagu

Trip distance: 112 km
Actual trip time: 6 h 25 m
Distance from day 1: 3833 km

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