Day 46 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Barösund – Sauvo

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The sea break didn't really affect my muscles, as today's leg ended after 130 km. I have to admit anyway that the wind was very good; can't say the same for the weather, though.

The day started very early, as the rest of the crew on the boat wanted to leave at 6 a.m. in order to cover a reasonable distance. Which basically meant that I had to start cycling at the same time as they dropped me off the boat 🙂

The day looked promising with a beautiful sunrise. The small village of Fagervik, not so far from the harbour of Barösund, is a typical ironworks village of the area dating back to the 17th century, and nowadays a beautiful open museum. It was quite silent over there, I guess because I was there at half six in the morning.

Soon after leaving Fagervik the first thunders started to roar: it meant rain straight away. Lots of rain. I waited half an hour before leaving again, but then decided I couldn’t wait any longer, and just found my wet way to Karis. Once there however the rain came down with such intensity that I went for a coffee, and then for a second, and then for a third. For a couple of hour it was really raining cats and dogs, maybe even a couple of bears.

Once the rain got to a decent level, I managed to get to Fiskars, which is maybe the most known Finnish name for manufacturing products in metal, especially knives and scissors. In the area the road follows the so-called King's route, meaning the old road connecting Turku to Helsinki.

Also Fiskars is a real open museum, nowadays full of workshops and exhibitions. Its home museum wasn't that impressive, though, as I was expecting more about the history of the place. In any case I had the chance to see probably the smallest working scissors in the world, just 1.2 cm, try to imagine, a picture of it wouldn’t give the idea.

After Fiskars the plan was to get to the archipelago, and my well prepared plan got screwed due to my old maps. I have in use right now a road map of the whole Finland, and a road/cycling map of the Turku Archipelago and the Åland, both from year 2003. Well, the original plan was to cycle to Kasnäs, which I visited also during the sailing trip, and get to the ferry to Pargas to start the proper cycling tour of the archipelago. On the map the ferry connection was marked, but since I couldn'd find any information of the timetable on the net, I decided to call the tourist office directly, just to find out the the ferry had been cancelled few years ago. Great.

I then planned to get to Pargas going through the island of Kimito and from there almost back to Turku. As the journey started to be long and I woke up very early in the morning, I had to stop somewhere in the middle. Both my maps had a camping mark in Eknäs, but no sign of it once I got there. Well, on the net I found at least a phone number related to the place, and guess what: the lady told me that the camping site stopped its activities already in 2003.

What chance had I left then? The woods of course! I had water, juice, pasta, what more do you need? A shower, maybe, but that'll happen only tomorrow, I guess and I hope. I took a picture of me planning the map for tomorrow while the pasta was cooking, as this is the first time I eat outside in the woods since the end of June in Karigasniemi, at the border of Norway. The reason? Maybe you can guess: today it has been the first day since a looong time with no mosquitoes on sight. I was impressed myself as well: even though the temperature is still quite high for this time of the year (despite the morning rain today I have read +26 somewhere), it seems mosquitoes have disappeared already. And for some strange reason food tasted much better!

Day 46 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Barösund – Fagervik – Karis – Fiskars – Kimito – Sauvo

Trip distance: 133 km
Actual trip time: 7 h 40 m
Distance from day 1: 3721 km


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