Day 41 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Lyökki – Raisio

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It has been a nice long weekend without cycling since a long time. I have spent a wonderful time at Niilo's cottage watching good films and having a lot of sauna, swim and fun with good friends. Which is even better when you are cycling just on your own for such a long time! I left this morning after a four-day break. The weather has been unstable for the whole weekend and so was today. Showers every now and then and generally cloudy weather the whole way to Uusikaupunki and even after that.

As a matter of fact this tour doesn't lack of surprises as well. Not only because of the temperatures spanning from the freezing point to 35 degrees. For example my route changed once again as I'm right now sitting on a sailing boat heading towards Helsinki. And the bike came along, of course! The last Saturday I got a call from the captain of Sampo icebreaker who was planning a trip with his sailing boat from Turku to Helsinki and wondering where I was hanging around with my bike and whether I was interested in joining the crew. Well, that was pure luck as Turku is less than 100 km from Uusikaupunki, no way I could miss this occasion as I was just a few weeks ago talking about how beautiful would be to sail in Finnish inland water. This time it will be however on the sea, but you know, it really doesn't matter at this point!

The plan is to reach Helsinki in two days, with a stop in Hanko. As my original plan was to cycle in the Turku archipelago, it might be that from Helsinki I'll be cycling back to Turku. But I won't bet on it, anything can change from one day to the other, and I prefer to keep life full of uncertainties at any time, especially this summer!

Day 41 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Lyökki – Raisio

Trip distance: 91 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 5 m
Total distance from day 1: 3588 km

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  1. manfredi

    Come sta procedendo la veleggiata?
    Ti suggerirei una foto grandezza originale d'ippolpaccio dopo la pedalatina estiva

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