Day 40 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Yläne – Lyökki

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Fortunately the thunderstorm that was forecast for today didn’t touch the area where I was. Some other travellers haven’t been that lucky, as the storm has completely destroyed one camping place in Uurainen, just a few hundred km north from where I was, injuring three people; the pictures are quite impressive. The last night, however, it did rain a lot, but I was so tired I realised it only in the morning. The weather was still heavily clouded when I left, but with no rain or strong wind. Travelling in the countryside is always nice, but having such a grey sky is like something is hanging over you all the time.

After having breakfast in the village of Yläne, I did the whole way through Laitila with no major stops. I wanted to get to my destination as soon as possible, mostly because of this uncomfortable weather. In Laitila I decided anyway to go and visit the local church of Saint Michael, a beautiful stone building dating back to 1460. In the surrounding of the church there was also a completely restored wooden house from the 18th century, Poukan talo, which nowadays hosts exhibitions about the history of Laitila. In the picture (that you’ll see once I have the time to upload it) you can see a reproduction of the founder of the first soft drink factory of the area, Frans Veranen, carrying bottles for sale on foot around the countryside and even to Turku. Nowadays the town is quite known for its beer factory, and as a matter of fact the Laitilan Kukko Pils III is one of my favourite beers.

Leaving Laitila the gusts of wind and rain really started to blow. It was a pity as the ancient village of Untamala has an interesting archaeological centre of the area. But it was impossible to stop since  a strong rain started to come down; as a matter of fact it was also hard to cycle, I had never experienced during this journey such strong gusts of wind. Sometimes I had to slow down as transversal wind was moving the bicycle towards  the side by itself. I also took off the cleats from the pedals as I felt I should be ready in case the wind became so strong I couldn’t control the bike.

Fortunately nothing bad happened. Only a continuous fight against strong headwind, but the rain stopped and I managed to get to Lyökki at Niilo’s cottage, reaching the sea for the first time since day 1 in Kemi. I couldn't avoid a swim after a relaxing sauna, as even the bad weather did not really affect the warmth of this summer.

This time I'm going to have a four-day break from the tour: it is  the longest break since I left Sodankylä the last June. I have to admit I really need it.

Not only because my muscles have to rest sometimes, but also because staying overnight almost every day in the tent, and quite often in the woods, is not the most comfortable way to travel. In any case up to now I have done 40 full days of cycling, and more to come!

Day 40 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Yläne – Laitila – Lyökki

Trip distance: 100 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 25 m
Total distance from day 1: 3496 km

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