Day 39 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Tammela – Yläne

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The village of Tammela is in such a beautiful area that it was hard for me to find a proper place where to put my tent: every time I ended up in the backyard of some house. But when I finally found the right forest, it took longer than usual to get prepared for the night: the undergrowth was full of blueberries, so I had first to get my stomach full and my hands violet before going to sleep.

This morning, after visiting the church of Tammela, dating back to the 16th century and with a wonderful old-fashioned clock, I headed to Forssa, which was just 6 km away. Forssa has been known in the past for its big cotton-spinning factory, which is just in downtown. Today all the red-brick buildings of the factory area have been wonderfully restored and used as museums, restaurants, school premises and library. The colours and the atmosphere are very beautiful; it was nice just to walk around the place surrounded by such buildings.

Even today I had some work to do, so I made use of the library in the area, and before leaving I also dropped by the town museum, which had a permanent exhibition related to the history of the town, and an art exhibition of painting by Aila Heinilä called Ajan vuoksi. Some of the paintings were inspired by the Kalevala and one of those, called Tuonelan linnu, the bird of the underworld, really attracted me. I didn't dare to ask how much it costs though.

And with another warm and half cloudy day, it wasn't a big deal to beat the road for another 100 km to reach Yläne. I have some appointments in the short time, so I had to choose a route that will bring me to the coast at the appropriate latitude. This means I left the Ox Road, but to my surprise also today's route was mostly surrounded by vast cultivated fields. After many days spent in the middle of the forest, I realised I feel better when I cycle in an open space, despite the fact that the wind might blow stronger.

It is softly raining again as I'm writing these words: it seems that lately the weather waits for me to get in the tent before starting to rain. Tomorrow however there should be a thunderstorm in the area, better to get prepared with all the water proof equipment, which I haven't used at all in the last three weeks. After the Lappish rain of June it turned out to be a splendid summer!

As for today's pictures, they'll appear later on, no fast connection here on the southern coast of Pyhäjärvi.

Day 39 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Tammela – Forssa – Yläne

Trip distance: 103 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 30 m

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