Day 31 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Puumala – Savonlinna

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If I think back of all the places I've visited during this journey up to now, I'd say the first one I'd like to see again is Puumala. This little town with its houses that climb from the lakeside up to the top of the hill is a real pearl. And the overwhelming bridge connected to it is a must see. You can get up 24 metres directly from the harbour and the beautiful market square just by taking a lift which is itself a part of the sidewalk, if I might say so.

I spent the morning strolling around the town, having a good breakfast, stopping by the local church, the library, the several shops, and having salmon for lunch bought directly at the market square. Also today it was a sunny summer day and it was gorgeous to see so many people around in this relaxing environment. The next time I'd like to get there by boat, possibly a sailing boat, a sort of Tour de Finlande sailing from the sea in the lake region up to Kuopio. Well, first I need a boat and then someone able to sail. Another time, another year, possibly.

I continued my journey just in the afternoon, with a really good temperature. I had just heard in the news that in Levi, Northern Lapland, closed to where I was at the beginning of July, it has been snowing the last night. And here 28 degrees! I must admit that I prefer to be here at this time of the year, I'll get enough snow and ice the next winter.

The route I decided to take to reach Sulkava, which follows once again the Green Gold Cultural Road, was very, very, very hilly. Much more than yesterday. I have to say I really struggled, but I guess it was easier than in Lapland just because the uphills aren't that long here.

In any case this route is not that easy for bikes. Nice lake scenery, but lots of hills in the between.

Before getting the Kietävälä ferry I had a stop over to go and see the rock paintings of Syrjäsalmi, which date back to 3200-2200 BC. From the picture you can see only the red spot on top of me. However there are also some discernible smaller painting of human figures. Unbelievable that they could last so long, I guess the painter would be happy to know 🙂

After Sulkava (half way through) the road becomes fortunately flatter, and I managed to reach Savonlinna in the evening. If there had been more hills, I thought I couldn't do it. Tomorrow I'll have a break, Savonlinna has so many of things to do and see, that it deserves a full day. Moreover, I've been cycling now for six days in a row and I need to rest a bit and get out of the woods for a night.

Day 31 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Puumala – Savonlinna

Trip distance: 94 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 50 m

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