Day 28 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Mustinsalo – Pieksämäki

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Best night I've spent in the forest. Soft soil, nice sleep. That's the best rule. The second best rule: put on all your waterproof equipment you have with you, even if it's +30 degrees. That's the only way to get mosquitoes at a safe distance.

I took it easy in the morning as I didn't have a long trip ahead and because of the bloody headwind. Veera invited me at hers in Pieksämäki, so again a detour from the planned route, which has never been hardly planned, so not really a detour. Hilly road it was anyway.

Along the way I stopped in Varkaus, another town characterised by its sluice gates and with a very informative canal museum. This was the first canal ever built in Finland, which dates back to 1840, although the original one is not in use anymore, as it was to narrow, and it was replaced by the one in use still today, opened in 1871. Yes, almost 150 old. I'm more and more impressed by the Finnish Lakeland, an area I had never visited, and that already looks very promising. Sometimes I should do a similar trip by boat, getting up and down those sluice gates must be a unique experience. In Varkaus I visited also the city museum, which had a free entrance today, and featured the collection of painting of Anna Sahlstén.

My journey continued to Pieksämäki, where I happened to be interviewed, dirty and tired, by the local newspaper. Well, maybe they've got the real experience of a long trip by bicycle with all senses 🙂

Day 28 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Mustinsalo – Pieksämäki

Trip distance: 60 km
Actual trip time: 3 h 50 m


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