Day 25 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Vuonislahti – Joensuu

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Yesterday evening I had a nice swim in the warm waters of Lake Pielinen, before finding out that my cycling t-shirt and shorts I put to dry after washing vanished. I even asked to the owner of the hostel who didn't know where they could have gone. Really weird, I also washed my gloves this time, I was the only cyclist there, someone could have thought about it. It turned out in the morning that the owner's wife thought they were her husband's brother's stuff. A real twist, but at least I managed to get the proper suit to restart.

Just few kilometres after Vuonislahti I had the chance to visit Eva Ryynänen's atelier in Paateri, a wonderful house-laboratory which showed some of her best wood sculptures. I was impressed especially by the colours of her own house, with all the possible nuances of wood one could ever imagine. A picture taken by my camera doesn't give the idea at all. You have to visit the place by yourself. It's a really peaceful place where you can feel that art can get a earthy shape.

Today, however, it didn't work out as planned. The original idea was to get to Ilomantsi, one of the easternmost place in Finland. But as soon as I got to Eno, after following the scenic road that follows the southernmost part of Lake Pielinen,  the thunderstorm yesterday I heard about arrived. I had to stay at the gas station for two hours, while buckets of water were thrown from the sky. When everything ended, giving room to a magic blue sky and the nowadays standard 30 degrees, it was too late to get there. I would have had arrived too late and tomorrow morning I had the plan to get to Joensuu leaving early in the morning. On top of all, I got some job to do and possibly meet a friend farther in the south.

No big deal, this journey gets shape day by day. So I changed direction and headed towards Joensuu. I read in the map there was a ferry in the area of Mönni. Well it isn't there anymore as it has been replaced by a bridge in 2006, and my road map dates back to 2003. Things change fastly here in Finland! After the thunderstorm the wind stopped as well, so I got to Joensuu with a good pace, and I have to thank Anna again to let me stay at her parents'. However, in this days you have to sweat a lot, believe me!

Tomorrow I might take a brake, try to get some job done, and plan the next exciting stages of this trip. As compared to Lapland, here the concentration of things to see is much higher, so some difficult choices must be made. Well, there'll always be time later on to see what I've missed, now that I know where sights are!

Day 25 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Vuosinlahti – Joensuu

Trip distance: 99 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 20 m

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