Day 22 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kuhmo – Vuokko

I guess with today I have spanned all the possible temperatures of this journey. If it hasn't been over +30, it's been close to it. It seems ages ago that I was freezing in the tent. And it was just a month ago that I had to sleep with 4 degrees outside. Miracles of the north.

I left Kuhmo by car as Anna's cottage was quite far away from the main road, and I didn't want to test the tires with all the bags on a gravel road. We went to visit the memorial site of the Winter war close to Kuhmo on the road to Nurmes, where I had the chance also to do a proper inspection of an old Soviet tank. The result was: out of service, and since a long time (you'll get it once I'll upload some pictures).

After that it was on the road again by bike. Hilly road I was told, and hilly road it was. Not too bad, but the high temperatures and some headwind made the job a bit more difficult. The humidity wasn't too high, but I had to carry with me more water anyway: at the end of the day it turned out I had to drink almost 6 litres of liquids (water, juice, no beer today).

After about 60 km I got to Nurmes, which is really a particular town, as the old wooden city (really well preserved) is  on a stiff hill at the northernmost part of Lake Pielinen. And with today's weather, it was definitely picturesque. That's the reason why, after visiting the old church, I decided to party with a pizza (and sweat a little more eating it).

From now on the travel plan gets more complicated, as there is more to see at a shorter distance. As I want to travel cheap, that means to sleep into the woods as long as I can survive without a shower, I had to find a place where to camp. Well, I had already mentioned a few days back, getting to the south the forest seems to get much thicker, so it wasn't that easy to find a place I could really reach by walking, and carrying the bike with me. End of the story: I did more than 100 km today as well.

However, tomorrow is supposed to be a great day, so I'd better have some good night sleep. Hyvää yötä!

Day 22 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kuhmo – Vuokko

Trip distance: 112 km
Actual trip time: 6 h 30 m


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2 thoughts on “Day 22 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kuhmo – Vuokko

  1. Sami

    It was probably above +30°C yesterday there in the east, as it was above 30 also here in Oulu. The highest temp in the past 76 years was  measured yesterday in Evo, Hämeenlinna (+34.2°C)! The heat record of Finland is +35.9°C (measured in Turku in 1915).

  2. Ros

    Back to reading about your amazing adventures over breakfast – should be caught up with you tomorrow – feel I'm on a grand tour of Finland too – keep those legs moving xx

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