Day 21 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Sotkamo – Kuhmo

This was a perfect cycling day. Despite the fact I didn't sleep that comfortably the last night in the tent, and that I had ran out of water, and that I had to go to a gas station to refill, just to find out that they had an automatic tap in the toilet that mixes cold and hot water by itself, and not to be able to find another gas station until Kuhmo. Fortunately supermarkets are full of juices 🙂

A perfect day anyways. Sun shining all the time, wonderful tailwind and a beautiful road. Not a long way today, Anna invited me at their family cottage and yesterday I manage to do most of the job. However I was impressed to keep a pace at almost 22 km/h, even on a hilly road. It really gives a good feeling.

The last 10 km to reach the cottage were on a gravel road, so at the beginning I thought to get a lift by car. But since Anna was coming anyway downtown, I gave her all the bags and try by bike anyway. Well, as the weather was good, I didn't have any trouble to go all the way to the cottage. However, having the tires pumped at 6 bars, that is the maximum allowed, it's not the perfect setting for off-road. The shock absorbers on the front wheel didn't help as well, vibrations were very annoying, especially to the legs more than to the arms. I guess I'll get that lift by car once I'm leaving.

Tomorrow will be a relaxing day, I'll hang around Kuhmo and in the evening I'll have the chance also to attend a classic music concert within the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival. And tonight I'm enjoying a stunning sunset/sunrise directly from the window of my bedroom as I'm writing this message. Life can really give no more than that in this very moment.

Day 21 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Sotkamo – Kuhmo

Trip distance: 79 km
Actual trip time: 3 h 35 m

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