Day 20 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Vaala – Sotkamo

Wait a moment: it's dark here! For the first time in this journey I miss some light in the tent. Really, as soon as you get south from the Arctic Circle, you start to miss the midnight sun. There's light outside of course 24/7 at this latitude as well also in July, but the difference in intensity is huge, believe me. As I'm now heading south, I guess I just have to get used to darkness again.

This day I managed to break again my record of distance in one day: 162 km! The first part of the route brought me from Vaala to the Alassalmi ferryboat and then to Manamansalo, in the real core of the Oulujärvi river. That is, I made a zigzag route first along the south part of the lake, and then through the lake itself towards the northern part, going towards Paltamo.

After Paltamo the scenery changed drastically, and the first hills arrived. Nothing impossible as compared to Lapland, but sure they made me sweat, as you can see from my scared expression in the picture (once I will have time to upload it).

My plan is to reach Kuhmo by tomorrow, so I could have stopped much earlier, but the weather and the wind were so good that I decided to reach Sotkamo. I arrived quite late, but it was worth it: beautiful scenery, nice sun set, eating outside surprisingly without mosquitoes. Ah, ok, I promised I would have never talked about them again.

Tonight, however, I really struggled to find a place where to tent: the forest here is much different as compared to Lapland, much thicker I'd say. However the cliff where I am now should look fantastic under the light of the sun. Let's hope for tomorrow!

The temperature is also very warm, well above 20 degrees, and the sun starts to do its job on my body. Or at least on the part exposed to it, let's say I'm in a "white and red stripe" tint. It'll be interesting to see the expression of the other people the next time I'll get into a sauna 🙂

Day 20 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Vaala – Sotkamo

Trip distance: 162 km
Actual trip time: 9 h 30 m

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One thought on “Day 20 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Vaala – Sotkamo

  1. Seppo Konttajärvi

    162 km!!?? How on earth that reminds me the German goal keeper Butt? :b
    But ok, tomorrow – actually today – is oranje…
    Go, Raffa, go and say hello in Kuhmo, if you meet old friends of mine.

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