Day 18 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Aavasaksa – Tornio

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The last evening I struggled to find a place to sleep, as in Aavasaksa it seems they have cut down most of the trees. As I couldn't spend more time searching for a proper forest (the only way apparently would have been heading to the hills), I ended up putting the tent in a field next to the main road. I thought that it'd also reduce the number of mosquitoes flying around, but it was a big mistake, they were even more. I heard this is a good year for mosquitoes (if you can say so), and now I can definitely attest to it.

The morning was very humid but I managed anyway to pay a quick visit to Övertorneå just on the other side of the border. Unfortunately the old church from the XVII century was still closed (it's one hour earlier in Sweden), so I manage to take a picture only outside.

It was a matter of minutes that the sky got again the monotone grey colour of the last week, and no more than after half an hour rain started again. This time didn't last the whole way, but ended in the afternoon, giving room to a very strong sun, and an even stronger headwind. A day full of meteorological events, I'd say politely.

Today I've learnt another lesson: do not fight headwind. I was so annoyed by the wind that I tried to keep the same pace I had before, which resulted in being completely exhausted just after a few kilometres. That is: never fight headwind, slow down the speed so that your legs are not overloaded. It is bicycle touring, not a race. The important thing is to reach your destination, not the time it takes to. However, even following this rule, don't expect to be relieved. The world would be a much better place without mosquitoes and headwind.

As I followed the Muonionjoki river from the Swedish side, I had also the chance to visit once again the fishing museum of Kukkolaforsen, a wonderful place at the river with its scenery of rapids. I then continued (still fighting against the wind) up to Haparanda where Aija offered me some good coffee which I really needed at that point. And finally I headed to the Tornio bus-station and jumped to the bus for Oulu. Yes, after exactly a month since the beginning of the journey this was the last day of the tour in Lapland, and since all roads lead to Oulu (at least up here), I decided to get back where everything began to start the second part of the tour in a few days. And the next destination will be… well, we'll see!

Day 18 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Aavasaksa – Tornio

Trip distance: 85 km
Actual trip time: 5 h 20 m

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