Day 17 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kolari – Aavasaksa

Yes, I definitely needed a break. Not only to let my muscle rest, but also to do something different than waking up in the forest and cycle the whole day.

This weekend I had the chance to attend to the first rap gig of my life, and it wasn't that bad; I doubt it will happen a second time, though. I happened also to photograph a bride floating in the Muonionjoki river, which sounds weird as long as this post will be without pictures, later you will understand. And finally I watched football quite greedily and with a certain degree of satisfaction, I have to say. I have to thank once again Marja to let me stay at hers and to give me the possibility to meet a lot of interesting people. Kolari is a small place, but it seems there are really a lot of people hanging around.

There was a really nice plan for today's leg. As Marja's dad's house is on the bank of the river between Finland and Sweden, I got this idea to put the bike and all the stuff on a fishing boat and immigrate to Sweden. This morning rain destroyed the whole plan. Too slippery to get to the bank with the bike and all the stuff. And on the other side I would have had to walk in the forest for an indefinite amount of time before finding the main road. Something you don’t do if it rains cats and dogs. That's anyway a pity, because I really wanted to visit Pajala, and I missed it also this time.

However, the old road to Pello was also nice, and fortunately the rain continued just for a half hour after I left before stopping for the whole day. Despite a faint headwind I felt very good and kept a good pace. It’s great the feeling you have when you restart cycling after a few days of relax. My plan for today was to do 90-100 km, but I ended up with 127 km, can't remember if it's a record, but once you feel well, just let it go. I stopped along the way in Pello for a few picture and then did the whole way to Aavasaksa.

As today I couldn't make it to Sweden, I'll try again tomorrow. It shouldn't be that difficult this time, as I can see a nice bridge just in front of me.

Day 17 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kolari – Aavasaksa

Trip distance: 127 km
Actual trip time: 6 h 50 m

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  1. Mau

    I did not really understand what is the floating bride, despite I was following the link and tried to get some clue with the help of Google Translate… oh yes… there's an english version of the website… ok, now it's clear!!

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