Day 14 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kautokeino – Enontekiö

This morning I had a tour around Keutokeino. Which was quite fast, as it is not that big town. I made to the top of the ski jump, which didn't seem in use for some time, as in some places there were quite big holes on the floor, from which you could see the grass 10 metres below.

At the supermarket I happened to realise that people here do speak also Finnish, that is they are trilingual, being Norwegian and Sami the other two. And it was also the first time I heard Sami language spoken live in an everyday situation. It was a real pleasure to my ears.

I left Kautokeino at around 14, and I realised immediately that my legs were not working properly. I don't know how to say it in English, but it's not the ache you feel in your muscles when you've done some sport after a long break. In Italian you say "avere le gambe legnose", which literally translated means to have woody legs. Practically the muscles don't respond, they are tired, lazy, hard. I'm pretty sure it was because of yesterday's harsh stage (many mountains, strong wind, me being angry, etc. etc.).

The first part of the afternoon was like that. I had to stop many times to lie down, relax, then do some stretching and restart. The border was just 30 km away, so I decided to get at least there. And once I got there: the sun! It felt like I hadn't seen it from ages. I took off the wind jacket and all of the sudden I realised that the legs started to work properly.

Shortly after the border I stopped at the gas station in Palojärvi and salute my reborn legs with ice cream and coffee. And then I got almost to Enontekiö, stopping once again in the woods just before the town. There's an exotic sound of cowbells here in the background, which seems to be moving in the forest. I doubt they are cows, what could they be? Goats? Reindeers? Bears? Who knows, I'm pretty tired right now, so if they want to meet me they'll have to shout loud.

PS: I met several cyclotourists along the way going in the opposite direction. Almost all of them asked me immediately: "Coming from North Cape?" Every time I just answered "no, just coming from another direction" as it was a bit complicated to explain this all thing. And every time I have to say that the expression of delusion on their faces was really something like "and so why in the hell are you cycling around here?" Tour de Finlande? Never heard?

And by the way: according to my mileometer today I did 1000 km from day 1. Not bad, is it?!

Day 14 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Kautokeino – Enontekiö

Trip distance: 94 km
Actual trip time: 6 h


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