Midnight Sun Film Festival 2010

Another year is over. As this is my sixth time working as a volunteer at the Midnight Sun Film Festival, I realised that my years don't end anymore on the 31st of December, but rather at the end of the festival. This year's festival has been special for many reason. It was the 25th festival, and the one I spent the most time at, arriving well before the beginning and leaving well after the end. That is, I had the chance to feel the pressure of the start-up, the 24-hour long activities during the real days, and the relaxation and melancholy of the end. In a few days the feelings of a whole life. That recreates itself once a year, in the midnight sun that never sets, in an unique atmosphere of togetherness that only Lapland, the magic of the films on a big screens, and over 200 people of any age working together can create. In the picture you can see Aino, Niilo in a "cloth-switching" act at around 3 in the night.

Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'll switch back to my cycling trip. I have some translations to do and I'm afraid to lose my 3G connection once I leave Sodankylä. And there will be also some surprises about the route I will take. This will be an unforgettable sun in a summer that never ends (and it has just started).