Day 6 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Tiainen – Sodankylä

And finally we reached Sodankylä! But let's start from the morning, actually from the night. It was my first night in tent, as I mentioned yesterday, and the place was beautiful, even more when all the dogs fell asleep. I do really believe I was the only one without one. However I woke up all of a sudden around two: a pair of sleeping trousers and a t-shirt in the sleeping bag didn't seem to be enough, as I was a sort of freezing. I don't mean I woke up frozen, it was just becoming unpleasant, let's say. However, after adding a few layers, no problem whatsoever, although outside it was around 4 degrees.

In the morning, fresh (oh, yes) and sound, the first thing I checked was the pennant: the wind had changed: sun and southern wind. Another world of cycling, really. And warm, the t-shirt was enough for the whole way to Sodankylä. I had just a few stop for some pictures, the one of this post is taken at the crossroad with the road to Luosto.

Once I got to Sodankylä I saw immediately a lot of familiar places and faces. The tent is already built, this year there are actually two of them, and some volunteers are already at work. It's nice to see that some things don't change too much year after year.

By the way, the Tour de Finlande 2010, as every big cycling competition, will now have a break. Of around 12 days (I'm the only competitor, so I can also decide how and when to take a break, can't I). Well, in the meanwhile I'll be at the Midnight Sun Film Festival, so it'll be a well-spent break. However, this means there won't be updates until I guess the 23rd/24th of June. I'll try to cycle a bit everyday, at least I don't want to go through muscle pains another time!

Day 6 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Tiainen-Sodankylä

Trip distance: 73 km
Actual trip time: 3 h 50 m
Feeling: well!

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