Day 5 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Rovaniemi-Tiainen

Some days are better than others… and some are worse, for example today. I started the day quite softly, stopping at the Arctic Circle to take the traditional picture that you can see here beside (I've got so many of them taken in different years, that you can see me growing old), and stopped along the way several time for the same purpose.

Stopping just after Vikajärvi to what seemed to be the last shop I will find before Sodankylä I met a guy from Germany who was very happy, as it was a wonderful day. "Isn't it beautiful to have this northern wind?". "Well, not really, as I am heading north." That has been my big problem. Yesterday I was talking about the beauty of tailwind, today I've experienced the harshness of headwind. Especially because the whole road was a continuous uphill and downhill. Think about struggling to get to the top of the hill, just because you know that thereafter you'll go down as fast as you can: well, today, all the time I went downhill I had to cycle, otherwise the wind would have stopped me.

However, I got halfway to Sodankylä, which was what I was supposed to do, so no big complaints. Even because I got to this wonderful camping site called Korvalan Kestikievari, with a lot of dogs (guess dog owners from all around the world had a meeting here), nice people and beautiful lake scenery. And mosquitos, finally they came! The camp field has a perfect soft grass (already tested), and the site is also equipped with showers, sauna, and a kitchen with not that much pottery, but fortunately I've got my wonderful Trangia with me. It's also possible to canoe on the lake. Price for all this (one person in tent): 9 euro.

Only one thing: you can forget 3G here, so I hope to get at least the picture of this post uploaded at the speed of the good old GSM (if not the whole post itself).

Day 5 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Rovaniemi-Tiainen

Departure time: 11:00
Arrival time: 18:30
Trip distance: 69 km
Actual trip time: 4 h
Feeling: tired!

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  1. Ros

    Greetings traveller!

    I'm very much enjoying reading your blogs over breakfast, sounds fun so far, happy cycling xx

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