Day 2 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Ajos-Kemi

I wasn't supposed to travel too much today, and so did I: 20 km 🙂 After the first day, I thought it'd be wiser to relax a bit, thigh muscles are a bit in pain, although not as much as I thought. Two weeks ago I was walking on the mountains, and the next day also the muscles in the toes were hurting.

As I was saying, today I just took the opportunity to say hello to my work mates and friends in Kemi. I cycled first to Sampo icebreaker, where I met Nanna, Eija, Naoko and Matti (all in the picture, also Matti although he's astutely hiding behind me) and then I dropped by downtown to meet my friend Sari.

The bike looks fine, I did also some off road today, but I still feel that it's a bit too heavy. I guess after Sodankylä I'll really get rid of something. Also the temperature is not as bad as I thought: it is still around 8-10, but for cycling I'd say it's the best you can get: not too cold to freeze, not to hot to sweat all the time. However it's better not to take too long breaks outside 🙂

Day 2 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Ajos-Kemi

Distance: 20 km
Departure time: sometime during the day
Arrival time: sometime during the evening with many stops
Actual trip time: guess it's not really important
Tired: I wouldn't say so

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