Day 1 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Oulu-Ajos

Haluaisin sanoa, että ei tunnu missään, but since I'm writing these posts in English, I'll say something different.

I left this morning from Oulu at around 9:45. I have to say that the hardest thing before leaving was what to take with me. I ended up packing five bags, plus tent, plus mattress, and I'm sure I'll give up something along the way as it seems a bit to heavy 🙂 However I'll get back on the packing later on.

As I said yesterday I wasn't planning nothing special for today as it was the first day. So I ended up doing 124 km, heh!

Soon after I left Oulu I realised that I had to repack a but, as one bag was too close to my legs while cycling. In time to meet a guy who explained his plans to get to North Cape the next month. Well, I'm not the only one then! Another proof of it came just 30 km from Oulu, where I met on the way a Dutch couple (easy to guess, they both had a Dutch flag waving with the wind). And I got immediately the impression that what I'm doing is definitely a piece of cake. This couple, as a matter of fact, left Holland at the end of April and got to Finland through Eastern Europe, and now they are heading to North Cape, and planning to get back through Norway. We got so much into the discussion, that we even took the wrong way! That's the reason on the map below the distance between Oulu and Ajos is just 110 km 😉

We were going at a different pace, so we just met each other every now and then, which was actually nice, as cycling tourists seem to be so friendly! We got together at Merihelmi (approx. 70 km from Oulu) where they planned to stay overnight, which was also my plan, but since it was just 15:00, I decided to do the whole thing up to Ajos (Kemi).

The weather has been good for the whole day, except a few teardrops of rain and some front wind that put my speed down to 15 km/h (yes, the bike is veeery heavy). However I got at 19:30 at Ajos, where Anna-Maija and Jukka (in the picture) were expecting me for dinner. And before the wonderful dinner, a very relaxing sauna. I was so happy when Jukka told me that the sauna was already on, I had been dreaming of it in the last kilometres, thank you so much!

Getting back to the beginning of the post: what about the legs? Well, I'll know better tomorrow, which will be for sure a relaxing day 🙂

Day 1 – Tour de Finlande 2010: Oulu-Ajos

Distance: 124 km (actually 110, but I got lost a couple of times)
Departure time: 9:45
Arrival time: 19:30
Actual trip time: 7 h 21 m
Tired: oh, yes!

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