The Dutch-German trip 2009

We shall revitalise this blog, shan't we?

After a long time, the last December I managed to organise a real down-on-the-road trip (by train) getting to the Netherlands and northern Germany, in places I have never visited before, except one: Berlin, where I've been once 15 years ago.

It was that kind of journey I always long for, just travelling on local trains, watching people and places. And what a nice feeling to meet also people I know living in many different places. That was what gave me the most of the whole trip, that was a real fun everyday everywhere I have been!

I got to Amsterdam by plane and then started to travel by train making my way through most of the main towns in Holland, and then I shifted to to visit the winter markets (and not only) of many German towns. All the way to Berlin, which I have to mention separately.

I've been just once in Berlin before, in the summer of 1995, and I really have to say i couldn't recognise it, so much it has changed after all these years. Still, the atmosphere is so particular, I couldn't avoid to get involved in the night life, full of people at any time. Without much chaos, it looked also quite safe, a big town where maybe life is not that bad, after all.

Here below the full route of my Dutch-German trip, and I've also taken some pictures.

The Dutch-German trip 2009

27.11 – Oulu-Turku-Riga-Amsterdam-Leiden
28.11 – Leiden
29.11 – Amsterdam
30.11 – Amsterdam
1.12 – Den Haag + Delft
2.12 – Rotterdam
3.12 – Utrecht
4.12 – Leiden
5.12 – Leiden
6.12 – Amsterdam
7.12 – Leiden-Schipol-Osnabrück-Hamburg
8.12 – Hamburg-Lübeck
9.12 – Lübeck-Kiel
10.12 – Kiel-Bad Kleinen-Berlin
11-13.12 – Berlin
14.12 – Berlin-Riga-Turku-Oulu

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