By ordering a radio for shortwave listening, I’ve officially (re)started my activity as a DXer.

The radio I chose is a small-size portable Degen DE1103. It’s a Chinese brand and it has got a lot of good reviews by SWL listeners (and an own discussion group as well), so I’m starting with something small and cheap but working well.

I decided at the same time to join the Finnish DX Association, while I’m still waiting to get the Finnish radio amateur call sign. It’ll take some time, since I’ve done the amateur radio exam in Italy, and it’s a kind of not-so-short bureaucratic process to get the exam recognised in Finland. Thanks to the EU and the HAREC recommendation, at least it should be possible.

While waiting for the radio to arrive (it should take around ten days, it is shipped directly from China), I decided to start (re)collecting basic information on SWLing, for example the common codes used in broadcast and amateur transmissions in the SW bands. Little by little I’ll put them here on the blog hoping they might be useful also for someone else in this planet:

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