Bloody Cartoons

Now it’s time for a documentary that was shown tonight on YLE2:

  • Bloody Cartoons: what happened after the cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad were published on a Danish newspaper? This documentary is based on the journey of a Danish journalist in several countries in Europe and the Middle East, interviewing the key people involved in the aftermath of the publication, and mainly trying to find an answer to the question: were the riots spontaneous, or was is a scapegoat to just inflaming the rage of Islamic extremists? And furthermore, is it really forbidden to depict the face of Muhammad in the Islamic culture?
    I wish these documentaries could have a better marketing, but I’m afraid a few people will have the chance to see it.
    However, I hope Why Democracy? (the documentary series, which Bloody Cartoons belongs to) will have a broader audience thanks to the interesting issues that are taken into consideration.