The Lives of Others

I really, really can’t complain of the quality of films I have seen recently!

  • The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen, Germany, 2006): an Oscar-winning film telling the story of a cold Stasi agent, back in the eighties in East Berlin, spying the life of a theatre dramatist, suspected of conspiring against the DDR.
    But the spy’s coldness gets really hurt as he gets deeper into the lives of the people he is following by listening their conversations through the microphones and cameras installed in the dramatist’s house.
    Well, it is a long film (over two hours), but I noticed that just when the lights went on: I got really involved and, as the film goes on, I realised that, while the spy gets deeper into the lives of others, I became myself a spy, looking at the lives of the people in the film. Wonderful experience. If more films were like this one!