Helsinki International Film Festival 2007

And here we are with the films I’ve seen at Rakkautta ja Anarkiaa, the Helsinki International Film Festival 2007:

  • The Boss of it All: a comedy by the CCDFD (completely crazy Danish film director) Lars von Trier. The situation takes place in an IT company, where an actor is asked to act as the director of the company, as nobody knows him, since the employees were told he lives in the States. It made me laugh. Really. Von Trier is crazy. I still wonder how he can still hang around.
  • Terror’s Advocate: ever heard of Jacques Vergès? You haven’t? And what about Magdalena Kopp? Nothing? And Carlos the Jackal?
    Well this documentary is a long interwiew to the controversial French lawyer Jacques Vergès, who has been working in several critical environments, starting from the Algerian war
  • Dasepo Naughty Girls: a South Korean musical/comedy film about naughty girls. One reason more to say I will never understand Far-East films
  • The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema: nothing pervert, this is a long documentary about the psychoanalysis of films. The Slovenian sociologist Slavoj Žižek explains in a very intriguing way how films catch our attention, and what is the psychology behind it. Spanning from old films to newer ones, showing bits of them, he gets straight into how the human being behaves and reacts. Have to see it again, really full of good knowledge
  • Smiley Face: an American comedy about a (really) stoned girl. A non-pretentious low-budget film. Just a good laugh.