Drunken list

Glass of wineDrunk à la Cinderella: You get back home without a shoe.

Drunk à la Sleeping Beauty: You pass out for a hundred years.

Drunk à la Little Mermaid: Your feet are stuck to each other and smell like herring.

Hangover à la Snow White: You wake up in the morning with seven men.

Hangover à la Little Red Riding Hood: You wake up in the same bed with your granma.

Hangover à la “The Emperor’s New Clothes: You wake up in the morning naked in the middle of the street.

Hangover à la Ugly Duckling: You wake up in the morning next to the wrong eggs*.

Hangover à la Winnie the Puh: In the morning’s hangover, you notice your toes are missing and between your teeth there’s a plaque, as if you washed them with honey.

Hangover à la Scrooge McDuck: You managed to transfer a bag of money, without trousers.

Hangover à la Mickey Mouse: Your ears are swollen like balls, on the hands a pair of white gloves, but no signs of tails.

Hangover à la Big Bad Wolf: Your breath smells so bad, that blowing you’d bring down a hayloft.

Hangover à la Hansel and Gretel: In the morning you can easily reach the toilet by following the trace of your vomit.

Traumatology of grand old history men:

Drunk à la Hitler: You pass out in a bunker

Drunk à la Christopher Columbus: You don’t know where you’re going, once you’ve arrived you have no idea where you are, however the whole journey is on the State account.

Translated from: http://www.hintatakuu.net/alkoholivero.php

*: the Finnish plural term munat (literally “eggs”) means also testicles, and can be extended to the whole male apparatus down there