Is it worth it?

I was lately wondering how worth it is for the UK to keep their own currency instead of switching to the euro. That is, apart from patriotic reasons, is it really worth it?

I’ll leave this as an open question, since I’m not expert in economy. But I’m a good nerd: so I got the currency exchange rates from 1.1.2002 to 18.5.2007 and plotted the values in euro of 1 British pound during this period:

Pound vs. Euro


Update 10.7.2007: The European Central Bank has a wonderful page to plot the historical exchange rates.

One thought on “Is it worth it?

  1. Daniele

    Maybe you are right or maybe wrong. As for you I am not an economist. Anyway some years ago I spoke about this with some british pepole. The argue that the british economy was not so strong as in the last years, so their fear was to pay for other EU nations without any gain.

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