Forbidden future

I just saw on YLE1 a very good Norwegian documentary about Iran called Forbidden Future.

It was shot in between 2005 and 2006 in Tehran, and it tells the life of three persons: Ali, the singer and guitarist of the death metal band Scourge (now called ArtimotH); Sanam, a freestyle skier who has participated in international competitions; Shahram, a painter who, just during the shooting of the documentary, received a death sentence for having used naked models to do his paintings.

By now I know it has been released in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Australia. Check out if it’ll be released in your country.

One thought on “Forbidden future

  1. HBH

    I watched the same documentary today, when it was shown on NRK (Norwegian channel). I recomend it to anyone who wants to learn about how it is to grow up in Iran today. The people we meet in this program are brave young people, who despite they might get in trouble for speaking out – do it anyway. I think they are brave and wish them the best future, they are good representatives for their nation.

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